Murder Mystery Script Packages

Here you will find our available script packages. Remember, all packages have a free script sample available to review. You will get the same script that comes with the package, minus the last eight to ten pages. More than enough to determine which script packages will work for you.
CasinoShowweb.jpg Dealt A Deadly Hand Script Package
Is nothing sacred? This mystery dinner show spoofs the movie "Casablanca" and the American Dream of winning the jackpot. You'll meet crafty Native Americans, sneaky senior citizens, an Austrialian Croc Chaser, a two-faced lawyer, a kid with two left feet, a gambling casino owner with a Humphrey Bogart complex, and a gold digging ex-wife. Throw music and mayhem into the mix and you have -- "Dealt A Deadly Hand--Murder at the Pocono Royale Casino!"

MARE2.JPG Trouble at the Tropicabana Script Package
Description: Take a walk down memory lane with Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel when your theater company presents Trouble at the Tropicabana. You’ll enjoy fine food, tropical drinks, and Latin music and dancing at Ricky’s club tonight, as he gets ready to sign a contract with movie mogul heiress Celia B. DeMilo. Is Celia who she claims to be? Will Lucy and Ethel ruin Ricky’s big chance with another of their harebrained schemes to get into show business? What’s the notorious gangster Mr. Big doing at Ricky’s club? And who committed the murder? The murder? That’s right—the murder! This is one our our biggest crowd-pleasers ever! This show contains all the zanyness of an "I Love Lucy" episode, as well as singing, dancing by Ricky and his club girls, and conga lines and mambo lessons performed by your audience! The cast includes 3 men and 4 women in speaking roles. An additional 3 women in non-speaking roles round out the cast. The script package includes set design instructions, music suggestions and where to purchase the performance tracks (karaoke), directions for constructing the Carmen Miranda fruit hats and much, much more!

OrientalRugweb2.jpg Murder On the Oriental Rug Script Package
Move over -- or roll over-- Agatha Christie, when The Lakeside Players present their new, original mystery dinner show that spoofs old-fashioned whodunits, the medical profession, "female problems," and theater folks! When half the cast of "Murder on the Oriental Rug" bails out, the remaining performers are stuck playing all the roles. During the first act, you'll meet a Shakespearean actor with a drinking problem, a washed-up former child star, a bimbo with a short memory, and a hapless costumer who finds herself onstage -- playing a man. During the "play within a play," you'll visit the exclusive clinic of Dr. Charles Ovary, renowned hot flash specialist who's secretly treating a famous actress trying desperately to regain her youth. You'll get to know the doctor's coldly efficient wife, his passionate female protégé, the actresses' hunky husband, a flighty French maid, a shifty handyman, and an inspector investigating the dead body on the Oriental rug. Will the play make it to Broadway? Will the performers remember their lines? Will the Shakespearean actor fit into the maid's costume? Will the chalk outline come out of the rug? Will the inspector solve the murder? Will another murder occur? Before the evening's over, some else will be ruthlessly murdered, and it's up to the audience to solve the crime. Prizes will be awarded to the first people who correctly guess the murder and motive.

tonylouweb.jpg Murder at the Tonylou Awards Script Package
Just when you thought you'd seen an award for everything, here comes... The Tonylou Awards! Description: It's the biggest event of the year! A star-studded night, featuring the most famous stars and studs from Broadway. There's no telling what an actor might do to win this coveted award! You'll meet some of the biggest names in the industry, including Celia B. DeMilo, CEO of PMS Studios, searching for her next big star; Monty Carlo, Latin superstar trying to break into the American market; Tony Hardcastle, your host for the evening; and the unforgettable (and always inebriated) Lorna Lush, has-been actress and a fixture at every awards show. But all is not as it seems. Behind the scenes, there's plenty of jealousy, greed, and good old fashioned backstabbing going on. Will Lorna finally get an award? Will Celia find her next big star? Will the truth surrounding the mysterious deaths of Tony and Marylou Hardcastle, Sr. finally be revealed? Was it an accident.........or murder! If tuxedos and evening gowns are your thing, then this is the show for you! The cast includes 4 men and 7 women, ranging from teens to seniors, giving all members in your group a chance to perform. Set ideas are included in script package. This show is not a musical, and no singing is required. However, suggestions for backround music and the Tonylou theme song (optional) are also included.

polterweb.jpg Polter-Heist Script Package
Polter-Heist? That's right. The spelling isn't wrong. This is a show where everyone is trying to heist something--including stealing a ghost. Description: Join Madame Zelda Von Schpookum, president of the Boogeyman Outreach Organization (BOO), and a host of whacky characters as they attempt to make contact with the ghost haunting the Mouldering Pines Inn. See Professor Lionel Spector become possessed by the spirit! Will the bickering innkeepers, Jim and Phyllis Lodge, kill each other before finding the lost treasure? Will the FBI agents, Smolder and Skullery from the Hex Files division, solve the mystery of the haunted inn before another murder is committed? A hauntingly hilarious show that's perfect for Halloween--or any other time of the year! This non-musical show has a cast of 5 women and 3 men. It is easily adapted to actors of all ages. The set is minimal, requiring only two folding chairs and a boom box. One of our most popular shows and the easiest to perform!

pirateweb.jpg Fishin' for Trouble Script Package
A Whale of a Fatal Tale! Description: Welcome to the annual gala fundraiser for the International Feed the Whales Foundation! Tonight you'll meet former TV star Sally Crouthers, head of the Foundation; her husband Peter St. Croix, CEO of Pirate Pete's Frozen Fish Sticks; Countess Stella de Marina, the chief benefactor; Capt. Dick Rudder, owner of the official Feed the Whales boat; and Dr. Myrna Fluke, famous whaleologist. You'll also be treated to some music and dancing. But wait! Are deadly undercurrents lurking beneath the festive atmosphere? Keep your eyes and ears open, because someone will meet their demise tonight--and it's up to you to solve the crime! And remember, with this package you get instructions on how to change "Fishin' for Trouble" to Homicide for the Holidays", a Christmas Murder Mystery version of "Fishin' for Trouble".

IRISHweb.jpg Eat, Drink and Be Murdered Script Package
Our Irish version of "The Hatfields and the Mckoys" Great around St. Patty's Day, or any time of the year! Description: Grandma Rose O'Riley McFadden took the O'Riley recipe for homemade whiskey, handed down to her by her father, and gave it to her husband, Finian McFadden. He built a dis­tillery, and now Wild Irish Rose Whiskey is one of the top selling brands in the world. The McFaddens are filthy rich because of the O'Riley family recipe. To make things even worse between the two families, many of the O'Rileys have to work for the McFaddens at the distillery because there's no other employment in the area. Finian and Rose have one child, Conor. When Finian died, Conor took over running the distillery--but not with absolute control. When Rose gave away the O'Riley family recipe, she purposely left out one ingredient as an "insurance policy." To this day, only she knows what that ingredient is. For years, she's gone in and added the ingredient to each mix. Rose always knew the family recipe was a worth a fortune; she also suspected that Finian married her for the recipe. She married him because his family had the money to start the distillery, and she hoped she could eventually convince him to include the O'Rileys. Finian turned out to be a real bastard. He hated the O'Rileys, treated them like dirt, and gave them the lowest jobs at the distillery. Rose never divulged the secret ingredient and held out hope that when Conor grew up, he'd take over the business and include the O'Rileys. Unfortunately, Conor turned out to be a chip off the old McFadden block, a real O'Riley hater. Now, Rose's health and mind appear to be failing, and both families are worried. If she dies before revealing the secret ingredient, it's curtains for Wild Irish Rose Whiskey and the McFadden empire. The McFaddens need the secret to stay in business. The O'Rileys want the secret to begin producing what they feel is rightfully theirs. Family members on both sides have their own reasons for getting their hands on that secret ingredient. To make matters worse, today is Rose's 80th birthday, and both families have been forced to gather under one roof to honor her. It's a family reunion in the middle of a family feud.

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